Tree Service Safety Grants Save Lives and Money

January 28, 2022 • Missouri Employers Mutual

At MEM, we’re celebrating five full years of our Safety Grant program, which provides one-to-one matching funds to selected policyholders for the purchase of equipment that improves workplace safety. Since 2016, our grants have totaled more than $2.1 million and helped 275 policyholders invest in safety equipment.

Safety grants save lives and money

The goal of the Safety Grant program is to support policyholders who need safety equipment and are willing to put some skin in the game by matching MEM’s investment. Five years into the program, our grant recipients have seen concrete positive results.

In the two years prior to receiving their grants, the 275 recipients experienced 339 claims totaling more than $8.5 million. Since implementing the safety equipment purchased with their grants, recipients have only experienced 14 claims in the areas addressed by their grant equipment totaling only $49,000.

See how three tree service businesses used their safety grant funds to improve workplace safety.

Allen’s Tree Service, Inc.

A full service residential and commercial tree care company specializing in large tree removal used their safety grant funds to purchase a Palfinger PK40002 truck with mounted grapple saw. The truck eliminates all employee hazards associated with rope climbing, chainsaw usage, drop zone dangers and the manual lifting and carrying of logs, as the remote operated crane can extend up to 62 feet and lift more than 3,000 pounds. The operator stands at a safe distance while controlling the cutting and placement of tree limbs on the ground or into the chipper with the crane.

Gateway Tree Care

A residential and full-service tree company specializing in tree removals, trimming and stump grinding plans to use their safety grant funds to purchase a ride on Vermeer mini skid steer with a grapple to pick up logs, stump grindings and move equipment safety. The mini skid steer will eliminate almost all need for employees to touch the logs once they are on the ground, reducing strains, sprains, and limb injuries.

The return on this safety equipment will extend beyond safer work conditions for employees. Gateway Tree Care estimates a 75% reduction in time spent at each job site due to the equipment.

Shade Tree Service

Responsible for trimming and removing trees to clear overhead distribution and transmission wires for electric utilities, Shade Tree Service, encounters potentially fatal electrical hazards on a regular basis. With their safety grant funds, the company purchased ten V-Watch VMS-20 personal voltage detectors, which are pocket size devices worn on the outside of clothing when working near high voltage systems. The voltage detectors alert the user to the proximity of electric fields or energized electrical equipment with a loud alarm and bright lights. Frequency of the alarm increases as the user gets closer to the electrical hazard. With their employees patrolling power lines on foot during storm restoration efforts, the device has the potential to save a life every time it’s used.

Apply for your safety grant

All of MEM’s policyholders are eligible for a safety grant, regardless of premium size or claims history. Successful applicants earn one-to-one matching grants up to $10,000 toward approved safety initiatives. Policyholders are required to monitor claims data and report on the success of the safety grant so MEM can help other businesses learn from their success.

You can read even more safety grant success stories on our blog. Visit our Safety Grants page to learn more about the program and how policyholders can apply.

January 28, 2022
Missouri Employers Mutual
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