Pay each pay period based on your actual payroll.

Missouri Employers Mutual and Previsor Insurance now offers flexible Pay as You Go powered by InsurePay®. MEM Pay as You Go links your payroll directly to your workers compensation premiums. This payment option allows for real-time premium calculations based on your actual payroll, eliminating the need to estimate annual payrolls. It also reduces audit surprises and offers a more efficient alternative to traditional payment plans.


MEM Pay as You Go registration is as easy as 1, 2, 3! Policyholders receive a registration notification via email for the InsurePay® Pay as You Go portal.

All payroll reports are completed on the Pay as You Go InsurePay® portal, and InsurePay® automatically drafts payment.

Payroll Service Companies

Skip the collateral requirement by bundling your work comp premium with your payroll processing services. Upon Pay as You Go InsurePay® portal registration, you can search the 2000+ approved payroll service companies list or complete an application for your preferred payroll service company.  

Once registered, have confidence that through our reliable Pay as You Go platform, you can protect your employees while saving your business money and enjoying added peace of mind.


Contact your agent to enroll in the MEM Pay as You Go payment plan! Or check out our Pay as You Go FAQs for more information.

If you are already participating in a payment plan, click here to log in.