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Building a culture of confidence.

It’s worth repeating: we believe in the power of confidence. It’s a value we work to build in our policyholders, but also among our employees. 

Confidence is at the heart of how we work: we trust our employees to do what’s right for our policyholders and our communities. And that gives them the confidence to stretch beyond the expected every day.

In the process, our company’s leadership and employees have created a casual, inclusive, values-based culture that guides everything we do. 

These are the values that define who we are:
We prioritize safety so everyone can feel secure in the workplace.
We are transparent and do the right thing — always.
We empathize with others and act with genuine care.
We are driven to help people.
We are experts, but always striving to be better.
Get to know a few of the people who embody our core values.
  • "Safety is core to our being. Even when I am out in the world, I consider the safe practices of myself and others."
    Linda Karl
    Compliance Manager
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  • "Safety isn't just for large businesses. MEM has trained me to be able to provide safety and workers compensation guidance to all sizes and forms of business, no matter who they are."
    Mark Woodward
    Senior Safety & Risk Trainer, Safety & Risk Services
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  • "My favorite part of my workday is when I know that I have made an injured worker who is scared, confused and concerned about their future a little more at ease."
    Heather Adkins
    Claims Representative, Claims
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  • “Being a Safety Fanatic means remembering that everyone in our company can contribute to positive outcomes for our policyholders.”
    Julie Crampton
    Senior Auditor, Premium Consultant
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  • “MEM has always supported my career development and continues to encourage professional growth opportunities.”
    Shelley Robinson
    Marketing Strategist (Sales Enablement)
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