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Building a culture of confidence.

It’s worth repeating: we believe in the power of confidence. It’s a value we work to build in our policyholders, but also among our employees. 

Confidence is at the heart of how we work: we trust our employees to do what’s right for our policyholders and our communities. And that gives them the confidence to stretch beyond the expected every day.

In the process, our company’s leadership and employees have created a casual, inclusive, values-based culture that guides everything we do. 

These are the values that define who we are:
Strive to keep people safe.
Work together to solve problems for our customers, partners and communities.
Listen with an open mind, be courteous and consider new ideas.
Demonstrate kindness and concern for people.
Mean what you say and say what you mean. Be honest, credible and hardworking.
Embrace change, foster learning and take responsible risk to achieve goals.
Take responsibility for your actions and decisions, and carefully manage company resources.
Get to know a few of the people who embody our core values.
  • "The people I have the privilege to work with surprise me every day with their talent, insight, generosity and laughter."
    Kate Stull
    Marketing Strategist (Customer Engagement)
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  • “Being a Safety Fanatic means remembering that everyone in our company can contribute to positive outcomes for our policyholders.”
    Julie Crampton
    Senior Auditor, Premium Consultant
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  • “I love our wellness program and all the opportunities it affords us to get up and get active, not only in our off-time but also during our work day.”
    Kellie Forthaus
    Human Resources Coordinator
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  • “One thing that surprised me was the fact that a workers compensation company would have so much heart.”
    Sally Mackey
    Project Manager, IT
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  • “MEM has always supported my career development and continues to encourage professional growth opportunities.”
    Shelley Robinson
    Marketing Strategist (Sales Enablement)
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  • “My favorite part of my workday is hearing about how our work has helped policyholders.”
    Josh Frerking
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