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Safety Dividends Program

The Safety Dividends Program ends in 2021

The MEM Safety Dividend Program was retired effective February 2021. As your safety experts, our goal is to create value for you by incentivizing safety and driving down losses. While the program was effective for some accounts, we haven’t seen a strong connection between safety dividends and losses for all our policyholders.

For this reason, we’re shifting our investment in you, our policyholders, to more effective ways to incentivize safety.

How will this change impact policyholders and when?

Policies written before Feb. 1, 2021, will remain on the current Safety Dividend Program until their policy term expires. This means that we’ll continue to pay safety dividends through 2022. The Safety Dividend Program is not available for any policy written on or after Feb. 1, 2021.

How will MEM continue to incentivize safety?

Workplace safety remains a top priority for MEM. We’ll continue to invest in effective ways to drive safety:

  • Better rates: Without the overhead of dividends paid after a policy expires, we can offer the most appropriate and competitive price upfront.
  • New programs: We’ll continue to innovate to ensure the safety and success of all policyholders.
  • Existing resources: Our Safety Grant Program has driven great results for policyholders. Our extensive safety resources and consultants also help you control your premium by improving your loss experience.

Contact your agent or visit our Safety Dividends FAQ to learn more about how the termination of safety dividends impacts your policy.

Dividends for policies written before Feb. 1, 2021

Accounts with policies written before Feb. 1, 2021 will remain eligible for a safety dividend. With questions about your dividend, get in touch with our Safety and Risk Services team.