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Great Place to Work Designation

Missouri Employers Mutual is proud to be a certified Great Place to Work™.

Our Safety Fanatics ensure that our policyholders have the coverage and safety resources they need to send employees home safely. This purpose along with benefits and a welcoming culture make MEM an awesome workplace. From comprehensive benefits to professional development, our employees report they have the tools they need to succeed.

What is a Great Place to Work™ certification?

Great Place to Work™ is a national certification awarded to organizations that go above and beyond for employees and develop a great company culture. These companies have demonstrated they are as committed to their employee community as they are to their customers.

“The data gathered by Great Place to Work verifies without a doubt that our employees have a consistently positive experience here,” said Jim Owen, MEM President and CEO. “This designation is a reflection of our culture and our employees who live our values every day.”

Employees participate in a fire drill.

What does the certification mean?

Being a Great Place to Work™ not only demonstrates that we work hard to create a welcoming and professional environment, but that we are an outstanding addition to our local communities.

“We congratulate MEM on their Certification,” said Sarah Lewis-Kulin, Vice President of Best Workplace List Research at Great Place to Work. “Organizations that earn their employees’ trust create great workplace cultures that deliver outstanding business results.”

Visit MEM’s official Great Place to Work™ certification page to see the full results.