Coverage | Work Comp Basics

Get to know the basics of workers comp insurance.

Work comp is required for most businesses. It protects employers and employees in the event that an employee is injured on the job. It can cover medical costs, lost wages, vocational rehabilitation, and other expenses.

Basic work comp requirements.

Missouri Employers Mutual provides work comp insurance in Missouri. We also cover companies with exposure outside Missouri through partnerships. If you need coverage in Missouri and at least one other state, please visit our page on multistate coverage.

The following information is provided for general educational purposes and should not be relied on when determining your workers compensation coverage requirements. Please contact your agent or carrier to discuss your particular workers compensation coverage requirements and options.

In Missouri, work comp is required for:

  • Businesses with five or more employees
  • Contracting businesses with one employee
  • Corporate officers
  • LLC members (may elect to be excluded)

It is not required for:

  • Sole proprietors and business partners

How work comp premiums are calculated.

Your work comp policy’s premium with MEM is determined by your:

  • Industry classification code: Determined by the National Council on Compensation Insurance (NCCI)
  • Payroll
  • E-mod: Factor calculated by the NCCI based on your loss compared to industry average loss

Looking for more information about how your premiums are calculated? Check out this infographic or learn more about how the calculation breaks down on our blog.

How to reduce work comp premiums.

It sounds deceptively simple, but the best way to reduce your premium is to avoid injuries. At MEM, that’s where we excel, helping you build a safety-focused culture. It’s an approach that pays in more ways than one. When people are safe at work, they’re happier and more productive. Reducing or eliminating work comp claims lowers your premium over time. And if an injury does occur, managing the claim process can also keep premium costs down.  

Learn about MEM’s safety programs. >

How to purchase work comp insurance from MEM.

It’s easy. Simply talk to your insurance agent, and tell them you’d like to choose MEM as your workers compensation carrier. If you have payroll outside Missouri, be sure to talk to your agent about multistate coverage with Previsor Insurance. If you don’t have an agent, we’ll help you find one.

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