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Build a safe, drug-free workplace with convenient testing.

Making the commitment to achieve an alcohol- and drug-free workplace can go a long way toward preventing and reducing the severity of workplace injuries. Drug and alcohol testing are important components in maintaining a safe and successful workplace.

Unfortunately, for some businesses, traditional drug testing programs can be expensive and inaccessible. That’s why we’ve partnered with OraSure Technologies to bring you the next generation of drug testing.

OraSure uses oral fluid testing, which is faster and more flexible than traditional methods and can be done quickly. It’s also virtually tamper-proof and detects a wider variety of substances.

We are dedicated to alcohol- and drug-free workplaces, and we’ll pay $55 for each post-incident screening that meets the following criteria:

  • Policy in force at time of accident
  • Employee involved in workplace accident
  • A trained collector performed the test within 24 hours of accident

Creating and enforcing a drug and alcohol-free workplace policy is an important part of your safety program. Learn more about substance use in the workplace.

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