Safety Grant Equipment: A Look at Award-Winning Innovations

September 27, 2023 • Missouri Employers Mutual

At Missouri Employers Mutual, we’re celebrating seven full years of our Safety Grant program, which provides one-to-one matching funds to selected policyholders to purchase items that improve workplace safety. Since 2016, our grants have totaled more than $2.6 million and helped 354 policyholders invest in safety.   

Safety grants save lives and money 

The Safety Grant program aims to support policyholders who need safety equipment and demonstrate their commitment to improvement by matching MEM’s investment. Our grant recipients have seen positive results seven years into the program. 

Two years before receiving their grants, the 354 recipients experienced 357 claims with almost $9 million in claims related expenses. Since implementing the safety equipment purchased with their grant funds, our award recipients have only experienced 16 claims in the areas addressed by their grant equipment, totaling only $49,000. 

Interested in a MEM safety grant?  

We’ve got you covered if your business is interested in the Safety Grant program and our experts can help pair your safety goals with grant funds. Before applying, policyholders are required to complete a safety grant consultation with one of our dedicated Safety and Risk Consultants. Our consultant will complete an assessment, help you determine your greatest safety risks, and recommend equipment that best serves your needs. Following the consultation, a safety grant application can be submitted.  

To inspire improvements in your workplace, we’re excited to share a list of previously awarded safety grant innovations by industry.  

All of MEM’s policyholders are eligible for a safety grant, regardless of premium size or claims history. Successful applicants earn one-to-one matching grants of up to $10,000 toward approved safety initiatives. Policyholders are required to monitor claims data and report on the success of the safety grant so MEM can help other businesses learn from their success. 

You can read even more safety grant success storieson our blog. Visit our safety grants pageto learn more about the program and how policyholders can apply. 

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September 27, 2023
Missouri Employers Mutual
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