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As part of our valued partnerships with our independent agency partners, we also provide work comp and safety training to your agency’s book of business. Contact us or have your client submit our policyholder training request.

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Workers Compensation Courses

What is Work Comp? (1 hour)

What is work comp, who should have the coverage, basic employer responsibilities, pricing, class codes, and owners and officers.

Basics of Workers Compensation (3 hours)

Workers compensation trends, legislative and legal issues, best practices for preventing losses, and how safety can lower costs and improve customer retention.

Work Comp: It’s in the Details (1 hour)

Recent work comp case law, injury compensability, corporate officer exclusions, burden of proof, fraud, abuse, and COVID-19’s effect on work comp.

Keys to Controlling Work Comp Costs (1 hour)

Strategies for controlling costs, self-pay options, NCCI split point, and return to work programs.

Saving Your Customer Money: E-Mod Worksheet Explained (1 hour)

Review the NCCI e-mod worksheet step by step: definitions, calculations, and the purpose of each worksheet column. Cover the NCCI’s “ABCs of Experience Rating.”

Ethics in Workers Compensation (3 hours)

Common pitfalls in the industry, case law, criminal prosecutions, how to identify unethical behaviors by carriers, agents, and business owners, fraudulent claim activity, and how to report incidents to the state.

Risk Transfer in Workers Compensation (2 hours)

Risk transfer in construction, case law, uninsured subcontractors, employer liability, and claims examples.

Uninsured Subcontractors and Workers Compensation Insurance (1 hour)

Problems, concerns, and opportunities when servicing businesses that opt out of workers compensation insurance, or knowingly perform work without work comp for a general contractor or business.

COVID-19 and Workers Compensation (1 hour)

How possible COVID-19 exposures could become work comp claims, how the investigation process works, safety concerns during the pandemic, and how working from home has affected safety.

Claims Courses

Difficult Workers Compensation Claims (1 hour)

How you can assist your client during the claim management process. Lack of employer controls, late reporting, investigations, documentation, fraud, and malingerers.

Employer and Employee Benefits of a Work Comp Claim (1 hour)

Employer responsibilities, employer-carrier relationship, statutory benefits issued during a claim, and more.

Effective Incident Management (1 hour)

Incident scene investigation and documentation, as well as components of an effective plan including drug and safety policies, direction of medical care, and early return to work.

Workers Compensation Fraud (1 hour)

Identifying fraud, elements of fraud, red flags, state statutes, the role of the attorney general, and the working relationship between MEM’s special investigative unit and the state’s Fraud and Noncompliance Unit.

Premium Consultation Courses

Back to the Basics: Audit, Manuals, and Classification (1 hour)

Rule 1 and Rule 2 in the NCCI Basic Manual, including how to handle the Principals of the Business and Subcontractors.

Workers Compensation Premium Audit Consultation (2 hours)

Work comp premium audit work, important policyholder documentation, uninsured subcontractor information, manuals, and classifications.

Preparing your Client for an Audit (1 hour)

What happens during an audit, how to help clients prepare, tips on saving money, and how to avoid a dispute.

Safety Courses

The Basics of Risk Management (3 hours)

Reducing the financial impacts of an employee injury, safety best practices, and NCCI experience modifier rating.

Basics of Risk Management and Workers Compensation (3 hours)

Safety program components, how to manage workers compensation claims, accident prevention methods, the “iceberg effect,” and the importance of drug and alcohol programs and safety rules.

Safety Must Haves for Every Employer (1 hour)

Easy and effective safety best practices, the underwriting process, carrier services, loss prevention reports, and new business.

Agents of Change: Discussing Safety with Policyholders (1 hour)

How to prep for and deliver an organized safety and risk management discussion with every client, and how MEM safety and risk services consultants prep for loss prevention visits.

National Safety Council’s Defensive Driving 4 Curriculum (4 hours)

Review of safe and defensive driving tactics for insurance industry professionals.

Drug-Free Workplaces: Best Practices for Employers (1 hour)

Review of drug-free workplaces and associated written policies, types of screens administered, employer benefits, employee education and enforcement, and how these policies help drive down injuries and costs.

Workplace Violence Awareness for the Insurance Agency (1 hour)

How clients can develop proper hiring, background checks, safety and security plans, workplace violence in a work comp context, first aid, training, facility inspections and workplace violence response plans.

Safety at the Agency Level: Protecting Agency Employees (2 hours)

Top causes of employee injuries, common hazards, why employee behaviors matter, costs associated with employee injuries, and how agency employees can stay safe.

Fleet Safety for the Insurance Agent (2 hours)

Impact of work-related vehicle crashes, employer policies and strategies for keeping employees safe, vehicle technology, and safety management practices like enforcement, inspections, corrective action.

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