Policyholders Have Zero Claims After Investing in Safety

July 31, 2019 • Missouri Employers Mutual

At MEM, we’re celebrating three full years of our Safety Grant program, which provides one-to-one matching funds to selected policyholders for the purchase of equipment that improves workplace safety. Since 2016, our grants have:

  • Totaled more than $1.2 million
  • Helped 144 policyholders invest in safety equipment
  • Impacted the work lives of 4,500 employees

About 85% of the funds invested in safety grants are used to address MEM’s top two loss drivers – strains, and slips, trips and falls.

Safety grants save lives and money

The goal of the Safety Grant program is to support policyholders who need safety equipment and are willing to put some skin in the game by matching MEM’s investment. Three years into the program, our grant recipients have seen concrete positive results.

In the two years prior to receiving their grants, the 144 recipients experienced 174 claims totaling more than $4 million. Since implementing the safety equipment purchased with their grants, recipients have only experienced nine claims in the areas addressed by their grant equipment. These claims totaled less than $42,000.

John Bender Inc.

This construction company received a grant to purchase four hybrid scissor lifts. These lifts provide employees with a safer alternative to ladders and scaffolding, reducing the risk of falls from heights. Since implementing the scissor lifts, they have had zero related claims.

In addition to improving safety, John Bender has also seen a 40% reduction in labor costs, enabling them to bid jobs more competitively. The new equipment saves them production time and money.

Mosby Building Arts

Falls on construction sites are common and lead to some of the most severe workplace injuries. Mosby Building Arts took a similar approach to reducing this risk by purchasing a Genie TZ 50 Boom Lift with their grant funds. Since implementing the equipment, they’ve also reduced their related claims to zero.

Again, the return on this safety equipment extends beyond safer work conditions for employees. Mosby saves an estimated 210 hours of labor per year, and the money previously spent to rent similar equipment.

Redings Mill Fire Protection District

Cancer is the leading line-of-duty cause of death for firefighters. This fire district purchased a specialized washing machine with their safety grant. This equipment helps remove carcinogens from firefighting turnout gear to reduce exposure for firefighters and their families.

You can read even more safety grant success stories on our blog. Visit our Safety Grants page to learn more about the program and how policyholders can apply.

July 31, 2019
Missouri Employers Mutual
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