NurseAid 24/7 Work Injury Line

Introducing NurseAid 24/7 Work Injury Line

As a business owner, you want the best for your employees. If they’re injured at work, it’s important to get them the right level of care as quickly as possible.

We’re proud to announce that we’re partnering with CorVel to provide policyholders a 24/7 work injury line. With this resource, you’ll ensure your employees get quick and quality care, to be back at their best in no time.


One number, seamless transition.

Our standard claims intake line will get all injured workers to the appropriate level of care much quicker and with a higher rate of success.

24/7 Nurse Triage.

Supervisor and injured workers can call and speak with a registered nurse who will evaluate the injury to determine immediate medical needs.

Using triage on a regular basis, we’ve sent fewer people to the ER… Nurse triage has significantly improved injury management in our schools and throughout the organization.”
Joe Braddock, CFO, Catholic Diocese of Jefferson City


Injured employees have immediate access to doctors via a computer, tablet or phone. Telehealth eliminates the need to drive to the doctor’s office and wait, and wait…

How it works.

NurseNow Steps

  1. Injury occurs. The injury could have just happened, or just been noticed.
  2. Supervisor and employee call the work injury line. Make the call even if the supervisor is unavailable.
  3. Talk to nurse. Tell the nurse what happened.
  4. Treatment recommendation. The nurse could advise self-care for minor injuries and follow up within 24 hours. If the worker needs to see a physician, a CorVel Concierge will connect you with a telehealth physician or a clinic referral.
  5. Nurse sends report to MEM. MEM claims representative receives report and follows up if needed.