MEM Donates iPads to Help Hospital Patients Connect

December 16, 2020 • Missouri Employers Mutual

As COVID-19 cases continue to rise, so does the need for patients to communicate with their families outside the walls of the hospital. When MEM learned Truman Veterans’ Hospital in Columbia had that same need, they responded to the call.

MEM delivered 20 iPads to the hospital that serves veterans in 43 counties in Missouri and one in Pike County, Illinois.

“It’s so important for our patients to be able to be with family members and with visitor restrictions in place, virtual is the only visiting option they have,” said Heather Brown, Strategic Partnership Officer Truman Veterans’ Hospital. “We’re grateful to have community partners like MEM who can act quickly to help us meet that need.”

The hospital will initially use the iPads for Veterans on a ventilator, to enable families to talk with them and aid in their healing.

After that priority is met, Brown said the hospital will roll out the program to other Veterans with COVID so those groups can talk to their family members across the country.

“After the pandemic is over, it is our hope that we can utilize these for inpatients to communicate with families who live far away,” Brown said.

The iPads will also be used for patients in their longer-term care and rehabilitation facility on site.

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December 16, 2020
Missouri Employers Mutual
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