Fall Protection Equipment Saves Lives and Boosts Productivity

April 23, 2018 • Missouri Employers Mutual

Slips, trips and falls are a top cause of workplace injury year after year. Of these injuries, falls from heights are the most severe and are a top cause of death on the job. You can drastically reduce this risk with life-saving fall protection equipment. But business owners and safety managers know that it must be used consistently to be effective. Employees may not use equipment every time if it’s difficult to use or doesn’t work well with the environment. For some companies, the nature of the job itself can be a barrier to effectively using fall protection equipment.

Craftsmen Industries is a market leader in the design and production of marketing vehicles, large format graphics, and custom industrial fabrication. That means the team works on pieces of all shapes and sizes, making traditional fall arrest systems impractical.

Benefits of fall protection equipment

They received a safety grant from Missouri Employers Mutual to purchase a system that’s mobile and keeps employees focused on their jobs instead of fall risks. With a little bit of financial help, they were able to increase safety initiatives and truly make safety a priority. Upon purchasing the system, all employees received training by a third party. They conduct training annually, which helps inform new hires and reinforces safety policies over time.

Rich Blosser, marketing director at Craftsmen, explained the benefits of safety: “Workplace safety is extremely important – it’s our number one priority. People who feel safe are more productive employees.”

MEM’s safety grant program is open to all policyholders. Selected applicants can receive a dollar-for-dollar match to invest in approved safety equipment.

To take the next step to improve safety in your workplace, check out our free resource library.

April 23, 2018
Missouri Employers Mutual
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