Celebrating 25 Years: Scott Agency Looks Back on MEM Arising in the Market

October 19, 2020 • Missouri Employers Mutual

In 1935, the Scott Agency, Inc. was first established as the Harry Scott Insurance and Real Estate Agency in Montgomery City, MO. After Harry retired, Keith and Elaine Duren became the owners. In 1976, the Scott Agency was officially incorporated and a year later the Durens’ daughter Patsy and son-in-law Brent Speight joined the agency. Today, a third generation is at the helm. Brent and Patsy’s son, Matt Speight, is President and CEO.

Over the years, Scott Agency has grown to three locations with a total of 16 employees. Two offices operate under the Scott Agency name and one as Melahn Insurance Agency. Scott Agency is a proud partner of Keystone Insurers Group, and was named Missouri’s 2020 State Partner of the Year!

25 years of partnership

Partners since the beginning, we caught up with Matt and Brent Speight to recollect on the past 25 years.

“The number one market in 1995 was the pool.” At this time, very few companies wrote workers compensation. Enter Missouri Employers Mutual.

Scott Agency credits MEM’s excellent loss control and claims service as having made an impact for their clients and the work comp market as a whole. “By cleaning up the state, MEM has proved that money can be made doing it the right way and that has allowed other companies to come into the monoline work comp market. MEM forced competitors to provide good loss control and work with clients and agents on claims.”

MEM works with you and your clients at every step, from onboarding employees to ongoing training programs that keep your clients safe, keep costs down, and take care of people if injuries do occur.

In addition, Scott Agency offered “ease of doing business and a company who will listen” as a few of the reasons why they place business with MEM and credit “well-trained staff” as what they like most about the partnership. They have appreciated working alongside 25-year-employee, Michael Schnebelen, for much of the time.

Scott Agency and MEM continue to grow and evolve together, providing unmatched service and resources for the businesses we serve.

Learn more about becoming an appointed agency with MEM or check out our 25th anniversary timeline.

October 19, 2020
Missouri Employers Mutual
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