Celebrating 25 Years: Missouri General Discusses Work Comp, Past and Future

December 15, 2020 • Missouri Employers Mutual

In 1981, Frank Baxendale and Ed Reardon co-founded Missouri General Agency on the principle that ‘the client comes first in all that we do.’ Missouri General takes pride in placing their clients’ needs ahead of their own and have been fortunate to establish trust and build loyalty with their clientele, many of whom have been with them since their founding and through generational change.

Missouri General handles commercial accounts from all sectors of the economy – from main street retail accounts to large regional, national and even global risks. The agency also handles the personal risk management needs of its clients, many of whom are the friends, family or business owners they serve. The agency has grown from a small staff of under 10 in their early days to a team of 70 insurance professionals who play a vital role in helping clients manage risk in their personal and business decisions.

Business people meet and shake hands

Taking a chance on something different

Twenty-five years ago, Missouri General took a chance on a brand-new workers compensation insurance company called Missouri Employers Mutual. “The market was in crisis,” explained Mitch O’Brien, Partner at Missouri General. “MEM was positioned to succeed as a viable alternative to what was currently available.”

Since then, the relationship between the two organizations has only grown stronger. O’Brien said:

MEM has evolved from being a good work comp carrier to a great work comp carrier. Their emphasis on safety through education and claims handling are second to none. They work with the client and the agency to make the work comp policy a win for everyone.

The future of work comp

The result of this relationship-based approach is a personalized client experience. Missouri General ensures each client understands not only the importance of workplace safety, but how it can impact their work comp policy and premium.

“Carriers like MEM who spread information about reducing incidents and improving safety will be around for a long time,” O’Brien commented. “The future of work comp, I hope, involves clients building relationships with their work comp carriers and not just purchasing coverage like a commodity.”

As Missouri General enters its 40th year in business in 2021, the agency is confident that they’re well positioned to face the challenges presented by a changing economy. They look forward to the opportunities that lie ahead and to serving the needs of their clients for many years to come.

Learn more about becoming an appointed agency with MEM or check out our 25th anniversary timeline.

December 15, 2020
Missouri Employers Mutual
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