Celebrating 25 Years: MEM’s History with Winter-Dent & Company Highlights Importance of a Strong Partnership

March 16, 2020 • Missouri Employers Mutual

Since opening our doors in 1995, many things have changed. One thing that has remained the same is our strong relationship with our agency partners. We’re committed to agency success in writing and retaining business, and helping customers make the most of their policy.

Winter-Dent & Company was Missouri Employers Mutual’s very first appointed agency. Prior to MEM opening, over half of their work comp book of business was in the assigned risk pool. Work comp was considered an undesirable line of business by most carriers, typically only writing the policy if the customer had supporting business and a good loss ratio. Rates in the pool were high and service was lacking.

Enter Missouri Employers Mutual. In writing their very first policy with MEM, Winter-Dent quickly realized they had more than just a place to put their clients’ business, they had a true partner and difference-maker for their clients. They saw how businesses with a history of losses could improve safety, reduce losses and lower their premium over time.

“We began to look at them as a specialist,” said one Winter-Dent agent, “who could actually turn a client’s results in a positive direction through reduced injuries and more efficient and cost effective return to work when injuries did occur.”

Fast forward 25 years where carriers compete for work comp business in the open market. The assigned risk pool still exists, but it writes only a small share of the work comp market. That first policy Winter-Dent placed with MEM is still a policyholder today, and that is a testament to the partnership.

Winter-Dent and MEM continue to grow together, providing unmatched service and resources for the businesses we serve.

Learn more about becoming an appointed agency with MEM or check out our 25th anniversary timeline.

March 16, 2020
Missouri Employers Mutual
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