24 Missouri Businesses Awarded MEM Safety Grants

May 24, 2021 • MEM

Missouri Employers Mutual awarded a total of $165,000 to 24 Missouri businesses for the implementation of new safety equipment to promote safer workplaces. This brings the total amount of safety grants awarded to nearly $1.9 million since 2016, affecting more than 7,900 employees.

“As a mutual company, our profits are invested back into workplace safety and our communities,”  said Jim Owen, President and CEO of MEM. “I’m proud that our safety grants program works alongside the businesses we insure to increase both the safety and productivity of their workplaces.”

More than 40% of the grants awarded this cycle address the prevention of overexertion injuries such as strains or sprains. Overexertion is a leading cause of workplace injury, accounting for an estimated 34% of lost work time claims.

Pony Bird employee uses lift to move client
Pony Bird employee transports client using lift system

Strains accounted for 70% of work comp injuries for Pony Bird Inc. before the organization was able to implement a new lift system. This is the third safety grant for Pony Bird, an organization that serves individuals of all ages with significant intellectual and physical disabilities who are non-ambulatory. The latest grant will impact the safety of more than 90 employees and fund the shower portion of Pony Bird’s lift system, which is designed to move clients from room to room.

“As a partner, MEM has been excellent at providing resources for our staff to ensure their safety,” said Jennifer Adams, director of development for Pony Bird Inc. “MEM gives back to their policyholders, and it really strengthens the community overall.”

The MEM Safety Grants Program partners with policyholders to identify a safety need or improvement that can reduce or eliminate illnesses or injury in the workplace.

The following businesses were selected to receive safety grants in MEM’s tenth cycle:

C & C Produce, Inc. North Kansas City Front and driver facing dash camera to identify and coach risky driving behaviors.
Cedar Hill Fire Protection Dist. Cedar Hill Four gas monitor and hydrogen cyanide gas detectors to monitor air for firefighter safety.
City of Willard, MO Police Department Willard Firearm simulator that allows officers to train for various real-world scenarios.
Do-Rite Construction & Excavating, LLC Lincoln Box that holds the excavated material away from the edge of the trench to reduce the chances of a cave in.
Ebenezer Fire Protection District Springfield Extraction washers that are used to remove contaminants from turnout gear and reduce carcinogen exposure.
Harold Williams Moving Co, Inc. Dexter Module that allows brake lights to produce a strobe effect to reduce the chances of rear end collisions with the tractor trailer.
Jasco Tree Service, LLC Carthage Skid steer that is capable of moving large amounts of limbs and branches to reduce the risk of strains/sprains.
John A. Jurgiel & Associates St. Charles Air purifying system to reduce exposure of office staff to potential COVID-19 infection.
Kansas City Downtown Hotel Group LLC Kansas City Machine guarding for mixing bowls to protect employees from moving parts.
Kelpe Contracting, Inc. Wildwood Boom lift with fall protection that will reduce work performed from ladders and the risk of falls.
Lakeside Exteriors, Inc. Chesterfield Pump jack scaffolding which allows employees to perform siding installation without the risk posed by ladders or ladder jacks.
Mapaville Fire Protection District Festus Automated hose roller that will reduce repetitive motion and back injury risk.
McCray Builders, Inc. Columbia Tractor to be used to load and unload trucks reducing the risk of lifting injuries to employees.
Meramec Caverns Ent, Inc. Sullivan New dumpster stations located throughout the campground that will reduce the potential for back strains from lifting trash barrels.
Midway Arms, Inc. Columbia Robotic picking system that will allow employees to reduce lifting, bending, and twisting while processing order fulfillment.
Millman Lumber St. Louis Tilting table that allows employees to place doors on and off the table without having to lift them.
PaintSmiths of St. Louis Hazelwood Self-retracting harness and door/window jam anchor point to be used for fall protection.
Palmyra Fire Protection District Palmyra Portable lighting devices and flairs to light up incident scenes to allow the firefighters to work safely.
Pony Bird, Inc. Mapaville Lifting system track to assist lifting clients.
Power Sync Solar, LLC Joplin Boom lift with fall protection that allows employees to reduce ladder usage when moving heavy solar panels to the roof.
Sullivan County Memorial Hospital Milan Patient lifting device to assist caregivers with lifting and transferring non ambulatory patients.
Trufast Tree Service Springfield Mini skid steer with grapple attachment to assist employees with moving large branches and logs.
Vaughan Pools, Inc. Jefferson City Ride on skid steer that allows for efficient safe moving of materials to and around the job site.
Vernon County Ambulance District Nevada Positive pressure respirator which allows crews to maintain a high level of protection when transporting and treating COVID-19 patients.

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May 24, 2021
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