2022 Annual Report: Delivering Value and Paving the Path for Growth

August 14, 2023 • Missouri Employers Mutual

In our Annual Report, we like to take time and pause to reflect on our performance. Each year in business brings challenges, but within them, we find opportunities. For us, 2022, allowed us to get back to basics and strengthen our position for future growth 

Our 2022 highlights include:  

Keeping Policyholders Injury-Free 

Not all performance measures can be seen on the balance sheet. We also measure our success by the number of employees we keep safe, and 86 percent of our policyholders were injury-free in 2022.  

Improving How We Do Business 

Our ultimate goal is to save more lives, and we improved our ability to do that by:  

  • Reducing the cost to manage claims. 
  • Building our customer base with improved focus, pricing and offerings. 
  • Increasing efficiency and effectiveness by modernizing our operations.

Bringing More to Work Comp Coverage 

We are keeping our promise to bring more to work comp coverage by investing in products and programs to help policyholders achieve workplace safety goals. Our initiatives impacted more than 10,800 employees with safety training, and since 2016, MEM has awarded $2.36 million in total safety grants impacting 10,000 employees.

More Measures of Success in 2022 

How did we measure up in 2022? Check out a few highlights from the year:

August 14, 2023
Missouri Employers Mutual
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