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  • Telehealth Services Save Time and Money


    Health care costs in the US are rising, and work comp expenses have reflected this rise. Fifteen years ago, medical claims represented half of total claims costs—the other half was indemnity. Today, medical outweighs indemnity by almost 20 percent. While there is little business owners can do about the rising expense of health care, they can manage medical costs. One method is implementing telehealth technologies.

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  • Recent Study Shows Three out of Four Drivers Improve Driving with Collision Avoidance Technology


    Missouri Employers Mutual partnered with the MU College of Engineering for groundbreaking research on the effect of collision avoidance technology (CAT) devices on drivers’ behavior. The research provides valuable insights about decreasing vehicle accidents, which are the number one way to die on the job in the United States. Learn more about the study and how CAT devices can effect safety on the job.

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  • OSHA Ruling Brings Changes to Post-Incident Drug and Alcohol Testing Boundaries


    The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) recently recommended changes to workplace post-incident drug and alcohol testing practices. The changes provide boundaries around employer post-incident drug and alcohol testing. The new regulations go into effect Dec. 1, 2016 so now is the time to learn more.

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  • Defensive Driving: Five Keys to Keeping Employees Safe on the Road


    Driving from one location to another is a routine part of most employees' daily activities. Unfortunately, it is also one of the most hazardous. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration reports that more fatal work injuries resulted from roadway incidents than from any other event in 2014.

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  • Workplace Drug and Alcohol Policies are More Powerful than Ever


    In addition to protecting employees and reducing injuries, the enhanced penalties of the 2005 revision of the Missouri Workers Compensation Act make it even more beneficial for policyholders to create and enforce drug and alcohol policies. Significant revisions by the Missouri legislature now make these policies even more powerful at discouraging drug and alcohol use in the workplace. Read more for details and a recent example of how this Act makes a difference.

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  • Ladder Losers [Photo Gallery]

    Mon, 27 Feb 2017 15:58:00 +0000

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  • Survey Says U.S. Adults Don’t Get Enough Sleep

    Mon, 27 Feb 2017 14:38:00 +0000

    Problems with the quantity and quality of sleep U.S. adults experience indicate a disturbing trend when it comes to healthcare use, work performance and accident risk.

    A new report shows a majority of Americans have trouble sleeping at least once a week, which spells trouble for employers when it comes to healthcare costs, accident risk and productivity.

    The study, initiated by Packaged Facts, discovered troubled sleep is “normal,” with 82 percent of U.S. adults surveyed indicating they have issues getting rest at least once a week. If extrapolated, this is 206 million of the 249 million U.S. adult population.

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  • Federal Agencies Tasked with Producing a List of Rules to Be Rescinded or Replaced

    Fri, 24 Feb 2017 19:08:00 +0000

    President Donald Trump gives federal agencies 90 days to review existing regulations and create a list of rules that should be rescinded or replaced.

    President Donald Trump on Feb. 24 signed the Enforcing the Regulatory Reform Agenda executive order, which gives all federal agencies 90 days to produce a list of regulations to be rescinded or replaced.

    The executive order also creates a task force and requires agency heads to appoint a regulatory reform officer for each federal agency. The members of the task forces are responsible for identifying regulations to be targeted for repeal or revision.

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  • DOL Sues Food Manufacturer For Terminating Employee Who Sought Help for Co-Worker

    Thu, 23 Feb 2017 16:49:00 +0000

    The owner of Lone Star Western Beef allegedly told a worker to hang up a 911 call for an injured coworker, then fired her.

    When a co-worker severed part of his thumb in July 2014, a food processor at a beef jerky manufacturing plant in West Virginia acted quickly, helping him apply pressure to the wound and using her cellphone to call 911.

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  • Research Projects Protective Footwear Market to Grow 7.5 Percent Annually

    Thu, 23 Feb 2017 14:47:00 +0000

    A new report has shown an increase in industrial accidents coupled with workplace safety and rapid global development has increased demand for footwear.

    The global industrial protective footwear market is set to increase at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 7.5 percent between 2016 and 2022, according to a new report published by Allied Market Research.

    As of 2015, the global market is valued at $3.5 billion, with Europe and North America leading in sales. In 2015, the two countries collectively accounted for more than half of the total industrial protective footwear market size, and are expected to continue this trend during the researchers’ forecast period.

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  • Excavator Safety Awareness Meetings

    Learn about Underground Utility Damage Prevention and Safe Digging Practices and how to use the technology that Missouri One Call System offers to enhance your one-call department.

    Continuing education credits of 1.5 hours will be offered to DNR licensed operators and DHSS septic installers. Certificates of completion will be provided upon request for any other professional designations that you may hold.

    Check here for class locations and availability in your area. New meeting dates and locations are still being added.

    Classes brought to you by the Missouri One Call System.

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  • School Safety Coordinator Workshops

    Get the latest information to assist you in keeping your schools safe. The one day training includes a legal update and cyber security issues.

    Click on a date and location below to register.

    March 1—Springfield sponsored by SafeDefend
    March 8—Kansas City
    March 9—Columbia sponsored by Missouri Employers Mutual
    March 14—Kirksville sponsored by SafeDefend
    March 21—Cape Girardeau
    March 28—St. Charles sponsored by SafeDefend

    Workshop fee includes boxed lunch.

    Training brought to you by the Missouri School Board Association.

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  • Small Business Workplace Safety

    In honor of National Small Business Week 2017, we will discuss workplace safety and how your business can save on insurance costs.

    Slips, trips and falls in the workplace are a common cause of injury. In this session, we show you how to prevent them! Understanding and eliminating the causes saves employees' lives and protects your bottom line. Join us for an informative discussion on internal measures, policy development tools, and safety resources you can apply in your small business. Presented by the safety experts from Missouri Employers Mutual.

    May 3

    1-4 p.m.

    West Plains Civic Center
    Magnolia Room
    110 Saint Louis Street
    West Plains, MO 65775

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