Maximizing Value with ModMaster: Using Insights to Empower

May 22, 2024 • Missouri Employers Mutual

Decisions in the insurance industry can have significant implications. At MEM, we empower insurance agents and policyholders by providing them with the tools and expertise they need.  

ModMaster is a tool that helps to clarify the relationship between claims, premiums, and the experience modification factor (e-mod). It enables insurance agents to navigate the complex world of work comp with precision and insight, offering a user-friendly interface and powerful analytics.

Watch below as Brandon Jones, MEM’s Director of Safety and Risk Services, explains the added value of ModMaster for both agents and policyholders.

What does ModMaster offer?

ModMaster users gain insight into their risk profile through concise reports and intuitive visuals. The data identifies areas for improvement, and even quantifies the savings potential of return-to-work initiatives 

How does ModMaster make a difference? 

We pair ModMaster with our expertise to extend its value far beyond data analysis. Raw data becomes actionable insights that resonate with policyholders. For example, how an individual claim impacts premium or what a future e-mod may be based on current trends. ModMaster provides the intelligence needed to affect informed decision-making and proactive risk management. 

ModMaster often becomes a catalyst for change. When we have concrete data on the financial repercussions of claims, we can advocate for risk mitigation strategies that guard against future incidents and escalating premiums. 

May 22, 2024
Missouri Employers Mutual
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