Coronavirus (COVID-19): Frequently Asked Questions

March 30, 2020 • Missouri Employers Mutual

Published: March 10, 2020

Last updated: June 15, 2020

To provide our policyholders and agent partners with the most current information, we’ll update this post as new details emerge.

For more, visit our COVID-19 Resource Center for Employers.

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The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are monitoring national and international data on the severity of the coronavirus (COVID-19). We encourage all policyholders to practice workplace safety hygiene best practices. Visit for the latest news, and read the below information that addresses possible exposure to employees in the workplace.

We’re here to support you during this uncertain time. Policyholders should contact their agents or our Customer Care team with any questions or concerns.

FAQs for Policyholders

How will MEM handle COVID-19-related claims?

Each case is unique, and it is difficult to comment on an unknown event. Our team of claims experts will evaluate each claim on a case-by-case basis.

Are COVID-19 claims compensable?

It can be, if there is substantial and competent evidence that the employee contracted the disease due to occupational exposure. We will complete a thorough investigation into how the individual was exposed and any eventual diagnosis.

What should I do if one of my employees is potentially exposed to COVID-19 due to the specific nature of their job (healthcare workers, first responders, etc.)?

If an exposure occurs, we will take the nature of the exposure into account during our investigation. As with any injury, we will then determine whether the injury arose out of and in the course of their employment and handle the claim accordingly.

The CDC has published specific guidelines for employees of various populations that may have an elevated risk of exposure, including healthcare professionals. They also provide a comprehensive set of updated resources regarding COVID-19 and the latest information on prevention, detection, and treatment. You can find this information at

How should I report a COVID-19-related claim?

Please report all claims suspected to be work related using our online claim reporting options.

Can I adjust my payroll based on staffing changes related to COVID-19?

Yes. Please contact your agent, who will work with MEM to make the adjustment.

What should I do if I have concerns about my bill or making a payment?

We are committed to supporting our policyholders during this time. Please contact your agent or our Customer Care team at 1.800.442.0593 about any payment concerns, including Auto EFT.

What steps should I take to best protect my employees?

The CDC recommends the following strategies for employers:

  • Actively encourage sick employees to stay home.
  • Separate sick employees.
  • Emphasize respiratory etiquette and hand hygiene.
  • Perform routine environmental cleaning.
  • Advise employees to check the CDC’s Traveler’s Health Notices before traveling.

How should I prepare my business for an outbreak in my area?

Your top priority is to keep your employees safe. Older adults and those with chronic medical conditions may be at higher risk for adverse health complications from COVID-19. Communicate your outbreak response plan with your employees. Identify possible work-related exposures and the steps you’ll take to minimize them. If your business has multiple locations, empower local managers with the authority to respond to developing outbreak situations in their geographic area. You can find more information on how to protect workers from potential exposures at

FAQs for Agents

How is MEM responding to the pandemic situation?

We take workplace safety very seriously. The health and safety of our employees, our customers, and the surrounding community remain our highest priority. We are currently requesting all MEM employees to work from home until further notice. All business operations are continuing as usual, and our phone numbers and contact information remain the same.

Will I or my clients notice a disruption in service?

We are committed to providing you and your clients excellent service during this time of uncertainty. We have asked our employees to limit business travel and meetings until further notice. Face-to-face visits with agents, policyholders and injured workers are limited to only the most essential. However, critical business needs remain a priority and we will stay connected to you and our policyholders.

Can I adjust my clients’ payroll based on staffing changes related to COVID-19?

Yes. Please communicate with your underwriter about your clients’ payroll situations. We will work with you to ensure staffing changes, including policyholders who continue paying staff who have been sent home, are properly reflected in payroll documentation.

What should I do if a client has concerns about a bill or making a payment?

We are committed to supporting our policyholders during this time. Please contact our Customer Care team at 1.800.442.0593 with any payment concerns, including Auto EFT.

How will my clients complete audits if MEM employees are limiting travel?

Our premium consultants will continue conducting online and telephone audits as usual. We will work with policyholders who cannot produce audit records due to hardships caused by COVID-19.

I have an unlisted concern regarding COVID-19.

We are dealing with a unique situation that isn’t in any playbook, but we are here for you and your clients. Please reach out to your MEM underwriter and/or sales executive with any questions or concerns. Communication is crucial as we work together to ensure our policyholders and their employees are protected.

Not sure who to contact? Use our Agent Contact Form.

For more information

Protect your employees and your business by staying up to date on COVID-19 developments in the U.S. and sharing simple prevention measures with your employees.

We recommend getting the most current information from the below organizations:

Centers for Disease Control

Occupational Safety and Health Administration

National Safety Council

March 30, 2020
Missouri Employers Mutual
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