Summer Cole

Senior Sales Executive, Sales

"MEM is large enough to have great benefits, development opportunities, and career paths, but small enough to still feel like a family."

Hobbies or interests: Spending time with my husband, Derek, two grown children, Jordan and Emily, 2 dogs, Jovie and Dolly, and Kitty takes up a lot of my free time outside of work – especially at the lake or by the pool! There’s nowhere else I’d rather be than with my family. When I’m not with them, I enjoy experimenting with makeup and beauty products and forcing my friends to let me try stuff out on them. I also love photography but read about it more than I practice!

What I’m passionate about: Well, if you know me very well, I tend to get passionate about just about anything and everything. If it’s worth talking about, I’m probably passionate about it. This tends to scare people, including my husband.

Favorite part of my workday: I love to solve problems, whether for an agent or internally. It’s the favorite part of my day, unless we get a bind order. That would be the most favorite part of my day! Also when I see a large submission come in that we have been chasing – that’s always exciting!

Biggest benefit of working at MEM: The biggest benefit of working for MEM is we get the best of both worlds – a large enough organization where we have great benefits, development opportunities, and career paths, but small enough to still feel like a family. The Executives are accessible and listen. So we are “corporate” but with a small feel where no one gets lost. We’re very fortunate to have both!

How working at MEM has changed me: I have read every Large Loss Notice that comes out on Friday since I started. You learn very quickly how life can change in a split second. None of the injured workers in those reports started their day thinking, “I’m going to be injured (or worse) at work today.” The notice lists their dependents. Did they have plans that night? A little league game to attend? My imagination goes wild with what their life was and what it became after the incident. The injured workers are someone’s husband, wife, father, mother, grandfather, sister, brother, etc. Which leads to the next answer…

What surprised me about working at MEM: I have become a raving Safety Fanatic, lecturing anyone and everyone wherever I go if I see something that isn’t safe. I’m ALWAYS on the lookout for something that might not be safe. Among my friends and family, it’s become kind of a joke, but I’m sure they all appreciate it, haha. For example, I stopped my husband from cutting down a giant tree that was way outside of his ability even if he did have a fancy chain saw that he wanted to try out. He was irritated at first, but later agreed it was the right thing to do to hire a professional.

How I’d describe the culture at MEM: I would describe the culture at MEM as Professional Caring. Of course, we are at work, so we remain professional, but we also care – whether it is for our injured workers, covered employees, policyholders, agents, fellow employees, or the communities we live in! Of course, there are goals and bottom lines and metrics, but it’s evident there is an element of care in everything we do.

My biggest accomplishment while working here: I would say my biggest accomplishment while working here was launching Previsor back in its early days. It launched in September 2015 and I started in January 2016. Kansas was our only state at that time, and we ran with it in the KC Metro territory and learned a lot along the way! It was stressful, exciting, and fun all at the same time, and laid the foundation for the growth we have today in six states.

What it means to be a Safety Fanatic: To me, what it means to be a Safety Fanatic is that I can do my part to help ensure everyone will go home at the end of their day with all appendages attached and they don’t miss that little league game because of an injury. Or their wife doesn’t get that dreaded phone call that they aren’t coming home. That’s what I want to prevent. Whether at home or work!