Sally Mackey

Project Manager, IT

“One thing that surprised me was the fact that a workers compensation company would have so much heart.”

Hobbies or interests: Much of my free time is spent at kids’ activities and just running the household. But in the summer time, you can find me most weekends at the Lake of the Ozarks. I can’t get enough of the sunshine, pretty views, and laid-back atmosphere. There’s also a lot of great live music. 

What I’m passionate about: I’m passionate about my family! My husband and I recently celebrated our 25th anniversary. We have three kids, ages 19, 16 and 13. Now that the oldest one has left for college, family time is that much more valuable! We all like to ski, boat, fish, hunt and go four-wheeling.

Favorite part of my workday: My favorite part of the workday is interacting with my co-workers – whether it is catching up at the coffee bar, planning next steps on a project, or problem-solving an issue. We have a lot of smart, resourceful people. In my job, I get to work with folks across the organization and hear all different perspectives. 

Biggest benefit of working at MEM: MEM is very generous with PTO and flexible with working from home. My work schedule can adapt to my life. I’ve been at MEM almost 20 years, so I have enough PTO to take off a few days every month. Also, I can work from home some evenings or weekends when it’s convenient for me.

How working at MEM has changed me: MEM has given me the opportunity and professional development to advance my career. I was hired in 1999, as a fairly new software developer. I was given increasing responsibility and training over the years. In 2011, an opportunity came up to transition to project management. My manager encouraged it, and MEM supported me getting my PMP certification.

What surprised me about working at MEM: One thing that surprised me was the fact that a workers compensation company would have so much heart. The employees from top to bottom are concerned with bringing workers home safely to their families each day. MEM employees are true extensions of our values.

My biggest accomplishment while working here: I was fortunate to be a part of the launch of Previsor Insurance in 2015. This was a two-year project with an 80-member project team. It included changes to nearly every system and impacts to most departments. We continue to extend this success into other states, and I am so proud to be associated!