Ashley McWilliams

Sales Executive, Sales

"I feel satisfied when I’ve helped our agents get the efficient, accurate answers and help they deserve."

Hobbies or interests: I have a 1-year-old and 5-year-old… that being said, someday I intend to have hobbies and interests outside of work and family! Is Netflix after the kids go to sleep considered a hobby?

What I’m passionate about: Connecting with others and improving communication between people.

Favorite part of my workday: Being part of the sales team, you would be surprised how much of our day consists of problem-solving and assisting agents with specific issues and questions, not just trying to “sell” our product. I feel satisfied when I’ve helped our agents get the efficient, accurate answers and help they deserve.

Biggest benefit of working at MEM: Interacting with our various departments on a daily basis, gathering nuggets of wisdom and expertise from experienced individuals throughout this company.

How working at MEM has changed me: Coming from a prior role where I worked with other lines of business beyond work comp, I used to believe this was a straightforward line of business. Working here, I have learned there is a ton more depth to work comp than I realized, and MEM is the right place to further my understanding of how important this coverage is for every business out there.

What surprised me about working at MEM: My entire career thus far had been at a national carrier, so working at a smaller, regionally-focused insurance company was a big shift for me. However, as I started going out and collaborating with our agency partners, it was surprising how strong our reputation already was throughout the state, and the positive perception our agents have toward MEM as being a reliable work comp carrier.

How I’d describe the culture at MEM: Happy, talented people who strive to help and provide an incredible wealth of knowledge to those we serve. Management that values flexibility, feedback, and work/life balance.

My biggest accomplishment while working here: Partnering with Safety and Risk Services and Premium Audit to launch an ongoing training series for the agents in my territory. This has helped us further promote workplace safety, educate agents on the inner workings of work comp, and how to more effectively write and sell our product.

What it means to be a Safety Fanatic: We can truthfully demonstrate how safety is ingrained in everything we do & the amount of safety resources we provide… it certainly makes my job easier to explain to our agents, “Why MEM?”