Policyholder Basics

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MEM is here to help you eliminate injuries and reduce claims costs. Connect with these MEM resources to get the most out of your workers compensation policy.

iNet. Access policy-related information and conduct business with us by creating an iNet account.

Safety. We take safety seriously at MEM, and encourage you to, as well. It saves lives and money for your business. Visit worksafecenter.com regularly for safety insight and free, downloadable safety materials.

Claims Management. Find out more about Dimensions, MEM’s approach to effective claims management, including how to report an injury, ensure a safe and successful return to work and manage the cost of claims.

Premium Consultation. Learn why MEM conducts audits and what records you’ll need to save time and help control your premium.

Questions? Contact Customer Service at customerservice@mem-ins.com or 1.800.442.0593.

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