Pharmacy Benefit Program

Missouri Employers Mutual’s Pharmacy Benefit Program has injured employees covered! The program eliminates out-of-pocket expenses for injured employees or their employers for prescriptions related to workplace injuries.

MEM's Pharmacy Benefit Program

•  Provides easy access to prescriptions at most Missouri pharmacies
•  Utilizes generic drugs, when applicable, for cost savings
•  Limits medication supply to reduce waste
•  Excludes drugs that aren't typically prescribed for occupational injuries,
   unless authorized

When an injury occurs
Following a workplace injury, the injured employee should:

•  Fill out the Pharmacy Benefit Coupon.

•  Present the coupon at a participating Missouri pharmacy to fill an injury-related prescription. A prescription can be filled before claims eligibility is established, and the coupon eliminates out-of-pocket medication expenses. If no coupon is available, the pharmacy should contact MEM to authorize payment.

•  Receive a CorCare RX prescription card within the first several days, if an MEM Claims Representative establishes eligibility. The card should be used each time an injury- related prescription is filled, eliminating the need for the coupon.

Find a Pharmacy Provider
To find a network pharmacy provider:

•  Go to and click Search under Find a Provider.
•  Select CorCareRX as the network.
•  Choose the search criteria and specialty, then click Find Providers.

Questions? Contact MEM at or 1.800.442.0593.

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