Dimensions Program Partner

Missouri Employers Mutual partners with CorVel Corporation as our Dimensions Program partner. Together, we provide a quality, cost-effective health care program that ensures each and every injured employee is treated comprehensively, with the ultimate goal of a safe and successful return to work.

CorVel is a national, independent provider of leading-edge healthcare management services and solutions for workers compensation. CorVel provides a nationwide network of providers, and processes medical and pharmacy bills for MEM policyholders.

Find a Provider
Visit CorVel’s Web site at www.corvel.com for more information about CorVel and participating network providers. To find a CorVel network provider:

•  Go to www.corvel.com/provider_lookup and click Search under Find a Provider.

•  Select Workers Compensation as the network.

•  Choose the search criteria and specialty, then click Find Providers.


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