Employer Paid Medical Option

Missouri law allows employers to pay claims out of pocket if:

  • they are equal to or less than 20 percent of the split point applicable on the effective date of the policy during which the date of injury occurred, and
  • do not have more than three days of lost time.

Please contact MEM Claims Services at claims@mem-ins.com or 800.442.0593 if you need assistance calculating the threshold applicable to your specific claim.

MEM’s Dimensions Partner, CorVel Corporation, provides medical bill review that can help keep medical costs on these claims in check.

MEM policyholders can follow these simple steps to reduce medical costs on report-only claims:

1.  Forward related medical bills to MEM noting Employer Paid Medical Option and the claim number on the bill. Mail to:

P.O. Box 1810
Columbia, MO 65205

If the medical provider will not provide the bill to the policyholder, the bill may be forwarded directly to MEM. Bills can also be faxed to 1.800.442.0597 or emailed to claims@mem-ins.com.

2.  MEM will forward the bill to CorVel.

3. CorVel will review the bill and make any applicable reductions.

4.  CorVel will return the bill to the policyholder with an attached Explanation of Benefits that outlines the bill’s submitted amount, reduction amount and amount to pay.

5.  The policyholder should submit the reviewed amount directly to the medical provider.

CorVel supplies bill data to MEM on employer paid medical claims, which allows MEM to help you track amounts paid on these claims.

If you choose not to use our program for bill review on these claims, you still must notify MEM of costs paid directly to the provider. Complete and submit this form with copies of the bills.

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For more detailed information on the Employer Paid Medical Option, please refer to your policy's Employer Paid Medical Endorsement.

Questions? Speak with your agent or contact Claims Service Center at claims@mem-ins.com or 1.800.442.0593.

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