Producer’s Playbook

Your work comp partner.

Our producer partners place confidence in us to provide a top-notch insurance experience. MEM and Previsor are more than your carrier – we’re your work comp partner.

We’ve created Producer’s Playbook, a video series that assists you in your work comp journey with us and helps you win and keep your clients’ trust by delivering personalized support and comprehensive safety programs that make a difference in their businesses.

Together, we offer benefits and programs that give an invaluable edge over the competition. The videos serve as a place where you can view this information instantly.

Part I: Work Comp Basics, Selling the Value and Submitting Business

Video 1 – Work Comp: The Basics

Video 2 – MEM & Previsor: Your Winning Work Comp Team

Video 3 – SafetySMARTS: Protection Beyond the Policy

Video 4 – Game On: Submit Your Business

Part II: Leveraging our Services

Video 1 – Premium Consultation: Help Your Clients Avoid Surprises

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