Meat Slicer Safety: New Equipment Reduces Risk

August 28, 2017 • Missouri Employers Mutual

Burgers’ Smokehouse‘s workplace safety philosophy also extends to business investments. In 2017, Burgers’ was among Missouri Employers Mutual’s first ever safety grants to policyholders. The safety grant program provides one-to-one matching grants for the purchase of approved products and equipment that can reduce or eliminate injuries and illness. Their safety grant went to purchase a meat slicer that significantly reduced their employees’ risk of laceration injuries when slicing hams and meats. It has also increased efficiency by having a large slicing capacity of up to 4,400 lbs/hour.

Burgers’ now has five meat slicers of this type and has not experienced a claim since their implementation. Philip Burger explains in this video.

August 28, 2017
Missouri Employers Mutual
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