Cycle 8 Safety Grant Winners Awarded $210,000

May 20, 2020 • Missouri Employers Mutual

In May, MEM announced its eighth cycle of safety grant recipients and awarded a total of $210,000 to 28 policyholders in Missouri for the implementation of new safety equipment to promote safer workplaces. This brings the total amount of safety grants awarded to $1.53 million since 2016.

“It’s an unprecedented time for many of us, but our policyholders can always count on our commitment to safety,” said Jim Owen, President and CEO of MEM. “We are proud to continue the safety grants program because we know many businesses are tightening their belts, and we don’t want funding to stand in the way of keeping people safe.”

All of MEM’s nearly 17,000 policyholders are eligible for a safety grant, regardless of premium size or claims history. Successful applicants earn one-to-one matching grants up to $10,000 toward approved safety initiatives. Policyholders are required to monitor claims data and report on the success of equipment purchased with safety grant funds, so MEM can help other businesses learn from their success.

For Car-Anth Manufacturing, the safety grant means reducing the risk for pinch-point injuries in their welding operation. Pinch-point injuries are some of the most common causes of workplace injuries which involve being caught in or struck by moving machinery.

“We are very excited about this safety grant award,” said John Klorer, vice president of Car-Anth Manufacturing. “This is a welder that is really going to be a trend setter in the spot-welding department and MEM’s award is definitely a tipping point for us to embrace the new technology.”

Car-Anth was founded in 1940, and the St. Louis manufacturing facility provides machining, fabrication and welding services.

Steadfast Transcontinent Inc. wanted to find a way to reduce the likelihood of back strain after changing the tires. Strains and sprains make up 50% of injuries in the trucking industry and are the most costly. The cargo and freight company received a safety grant for their purchase of a tire changing machine.

“On behalf of our guys in the shop changing tires every day and my wife and myself, we really appreciate the grant,” said Ricky Bibbs, president and owner of Steadfast Transcontinent. “It takes a lot of manpower to break down the tires with hand tools and the machine really speeds up the process. We promised the guys we would get one the last time one of them hurt his back and now, with the economic situation, this is a real blessing.”

Located in Hornersville, Missouri, Steadfast was founded in 1988 and is licensed to run 25 trucks.

The following businesses were selected to receive safety grants in MEM’s eighth cycle:

Alpha Packaging St. Louis Automatic sweeper system to remove contents from large bins reducing strain/sprain injuries
Culligan Water Conditioning Columbia Electric stairclimber hand truck reduces back strain and slip, trip, fall hazards
Steadfast Transcontinent Inc. Hornersville Industrial tire changer to reduce back strain/sprain
Potter Electric Signal Co. LLC Hazelwood Manufacturing robot reduces strains/sprains from handling heavy materials
David Fromme Excavation Holts Summit Aluminum trench box with pipe laser to reduce employee exposure to cave ins during excavation work.
Coast to Coast Signs Scott City Articulating boom lift to reduce fall hazard
Lincoln County Ambulance District Troy Patient lifting system designed to allow proper team lifting of patients
Friends of the Zoo Inc. of Kansas City, Missouri Kansas City Work utility vehicle with snow removal blade to reduce injuries caused by snow shoveling
Pony Bird Inc. Mapaville Patient handling system used to reduce back strain/sprain while positioning patients
Klocke Inc. Palmyra Trench box to reduce the risk of caught between injuries
Raytown Fire Raytown Power load system to reduce back injury risk when handling patients
Executive Coach Builders Inc. Springfield Saw stop industrial cabinet saw with push blocks alleviates finger/hand amputation
Owensville Area Ambulance District Owensville MTS power load system to reduce back strain risk when handling patients
Car-Anth Manufacturing St. Louis Welding system to reduce pinch point injuries
StoneTrends LLC Chesterfield Walk behind floor scrubber to reduce silica exposure in a manufacturing environment
Bootheel Fence Co. Jackson Walk behind skid steer to reduce back strain/sprain
Square Up Builders St. Louis Electric scissor lift eliminates use of scaffolds and ladders
Hillsboro Fire Protection District Hillsboro Remote controlled water canon will reduce potential for falls from the apparatus
Rockin S Farms LLC Florence Yard tractor that reduces fall hazards from the cab
Flynn Drilling Company Troy Articulating boom lift to reduce fall hazard
GME Supply Columbia Conveyor system with pallet carousel to reduce back strain/sprain
Foam Supplies Inc Earth City Railcar mobile access platform with safety cage to reduce fall hazard
Affton Fire Protection District St Louis Large diameter fire hose roller to reduce back strain when rolling hoses
New Century Armored Hazelwood Lift table to reduce back injury when lifting heavy items
Cole County PWSD #4 Jefferson City Confined space entry equipment to ensure a safe breathing environment and emergency retrieval system
Mitchell Tree Company Lathrop Bucket truck to reduce fall hazards
Mid America Truss Jefferson City New press with no rail system to reduce slip, trip, fall hazard
Redings Mill Fire Protection District Joplin Large diameter fire hose roller with drainage system to reduce back injuries


Learn more about our SafetySMARTS Safety Grants program and how to apply.

May 20, 2020
Missouri Employers Mutual
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