Agents’ Angle: Making an Impact for Clients

June 27, 2021 • Missouri Employers Mutual

At MEM, we do things differently. You can only get an MEM policy through an independent agent. That means we don’t sell insurance directly to our customers. Instead, we work with our agent partners. This system has a huge benefit to policyholders: since agents aren’t tied to MEM’s product, clients can trust their agent truly has their best interest in mind when recommending carriers.

We asked three of our independent agent partners:

What do you like about working as an independent insurance agent? What’s the most rewarding?

All three agents mentioned the diversity of their clients as a favorite aspect of being independent. They enjoy getting to know each business’s goals and creating custom solutions that meet their needs.

As an independent I have the option to contract with a variety of insurance carriers that allows me to build lasting relationships with the business owners in our surrounding communities. Learning about the intricate operations of various industries is what motivates me to continue building my career as an independent agent!

– Brent Westhoven

I love the flexibility it provides agents to allow them to create the best insurance solutions for their clients. More generally, I love how it allows me to support my community, to keep it well-protected and able to grow.

– Henry Powers

How has MEM made an impact for you, your fellow agents, and your customers?

At MEM, our top priority is to help business owners send every employee home safe at the end of every day. We know that putting safety first has trickle-down positive effects on other areas of the business, like improved productivity, reduced turnover, and positive impact on reputation.

I’ve seen clients implement safety programs, return to work programs, and streamlined systems to better manage their work comp and safety resources as a result of partnering with MEM.

– Henry Powers

Through our unique partnership with MEM, we have been able to further the education of our colleagues. We also have been able to give back to our communities through local charities.

– Cheryl Fennesy

Why do you place business with MEM?

Any carrier can provide a work comp policy. What makes MEM different are our expertise and services that help businesses keep their employees safe on the job and control costs. Our agent partners know that no one knows Missouri work comp better than us.

We place business with MEM because of their dedication to the business owners they serve! MEM understands our needs as an agency and values our partnership.

– Brent Westhoven

I reach out to MEM anytime I need help navigating any aspect of the work comp system. It is a great feeling to know that I partner with the top expert in Missouri work comp.

– Henry Powers

What do you like most about working with MEM?

At MEM, we are Safety Fanatics. No matter which department they work in – whether it’s Underwriting, Claims, IT or another team – our employees’ common goal is to keep more people safe at work.

When you work with MEM, you can expect to interact with a person who truly understands what it takes to keep people safe at work. As an agent, you can pick up the phone and have a real conversation with someone who can help you navigate the most difficult challenges.

– Brent Westhoven

Our goals are aligned. We both want to provide the best claims service, safety and risk services. With MEM being a Missouri-based company, we feel that they help us achieve our goal of “World Class, Local Touch” for our customers.

– Cheryl Fennesy

About the agents

Brent Westhoven is President of Beimdiek Insurance Agency in Carthage, Missouri.
Henry Powers is Co-Founder and Director of Development for Valley Insurance Agency Alliance in St. Louis.
Cheryl Fennesy is Executive Vice President of Transportation Insurance at Cline Wood, a Marsh & McLennan Agency in Leawood, Kansas.
June 27, 2021
Missouri Employers Mutual
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