2021 Annual Report: Navigating Challenges and Celebrating Successes

July 21, 2022 • Missouri Employers Mutual

Each year, we take time to reflect on our performance in our Annual Report. As we look back on 2021, we consider the unique challenges we faced throughout the year.  We navigated those challenges successfully, thanks to a remarkable team of stakeholders, including our employees, agents and policyholders. 

What did we celebrate in 2021? As always, we look at safety first, and 87 percent of MEM policyholders were injury-free in 2021. A few more of our report highlights are below: 

Celebrating the Good  

What did 2021 bring you and your business? At MEM, the year provided an opportunity to live out our values and help our policyholders and communities be healthy, safe and more confident. 

Investing in the Power of Safety 

At MEM, we get to know your business and help you develop a plan to reduce your work comp costs and increase workplace safety. We’ve been helping policyholders do that for more than 25 years and our results speak for themselves. Check out some of the ways we have supported businesses in reducing their e-mod. 

More Measures of Success in 2021 

How did we measure up in 2021? See just a few highlights below from the year.  

View the full 2021 Annual Report here. 


July 21, 2022
Missouri Employers Mutual
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