The First Dimension—Develop
Developing quality, proactive programs to effectively prevent injuries—and manage them if they do occur—is an important first step. This stage of Dimensions includes developing:

  • our signature safety program, WorkSAFE. This program will help you tailor your safety program to meet the specific needs of your workplace.
  • an injury treatment plan. A well-planned approach to workplace injuries will ensure your employees receive the right care at the right time at the most appropriate cost.

The Second Dimension—Direct
Missouri and Kansas employers have the right and responsibility to direct medical care for their injured employees. This includes referring the injured employee to the appropriate medical provider and reporting the injury promptly to MEM.

The Third Dimension—Deliver
The ultimate goal of Dimensions is to return an injured employee to work safely and successfully. If we can provide appropriate medical care and accelerate the recovery period, we can reduce claims costs by delivering a healthy, productive employee back into the workforce.

Claims Savings
MEM’s claims management process encourages the best outcomes while controlling costs in a multitude of ways. Some include:

Employer Paid Medical Option. Under Missouri law you have the right to pay up to a specified amount of medical costs on report-only claims. With MEM’s Dimensions Program, MEM policyholders have the privilege of discounts on those charges—at no additional charge to you!

Pharmacy Benefits. Our Pharmacy Benefit Program has injured employees covered! It eliminates out-of-pocket expenses for injured employees or their employers for prescriptions related to the workplace injury.

Partner. CorVel Corporation is our Dimensions Program partner. Together, we provide a quality, cost-effective healthcare program that ensures each and every injured employee is treated comprehensively, with the ultimate goal of a safe and successful return to work

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