Safety Dividends

Missouri Employers Mutual's Safety Dividend program rewards policyholders with a premium return when they accept responsibility for safety and achieve positive results.

All MEM policyholders are eligible to earn a safety dividend. MEM's Safety Dividend program began with polices effective on or after July 1, 2016. The first payout in April 2018, is nine months after July 2016 policies end. Likewise, your payout is nine months after your policy ends. 

Payout Criteria
To receive a safety dividend:

  • The policy must remain in effect for the entire policy period without a lapse in coverage.
  • The policy term must be at least six months.
  • Audit disputes must be resolved prior to the dividend payout.
  • There cannot be past due premium in collections.

Program Details
We believe safe workplaces should be rewarded. A low loss ratio is an important outcome of safe workplaces, but you must also have safety practices in place to eliminate injuries and save lives. The MEM Safety Dividend program accounts for both initiatives and results.

Safety dividends are determined based on policy size, loss ratio result and a safety component. Log in to your iNet account and click on Tools to find out what’s in store for you if your policy has:

  • Issued premium more than $50,000.
  • Issued premium $50,000 and less.

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