Nurse Triage

Emergency room visits are expensive and not always necessary. MEM’s Nurse Triage program helps policyholders manage medical costs by directing their employees to the appropriate level of care in order to ensure a successful recovery.

MEM’s Nurse Triage program has many benefits, with the biggest being medical cost savings. A reduction in claim severity is critical to controlling work comp expenses. Nurse Triage also:

  • Returns injured employees to work safely and swiftly.
  • Puts the medical treatment decision into the hands of an expert, ensuring employees get to the right place, at the right time, for the right care.
  • Lessens the likelihood of fraud with early documentation of injury details.

Triage Process
The process is easy. Enroll in the program and follow these steps:

1. Timely report your claim to MEM by calling 1.800.442.0593 or reporting online.
If reporting online, contact MEM’s Claims Service Center by phone once the Report of Injury Form is complete.

2. You’ll be transferred to the Triage Nurse to answer a series of questions about the injury to determine the type of care needed for treatment.
The injured employee will need to be available to answer questions.

3. Based on triage results, the injured employee will be directed to the appropriate level of care based on the preferred provider. If immediate care isn’t necessary, the injured employee will be given home care advice and instruction to talk with you if their condition does not improve.

4. The Triage Nurse will follow up with you and your preferred provider to expedite any further care or tests needed and help return employees to work.

Questions? Contact MEM’s Claims Service Center at 1.800.442.0593 or

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