Missouri Employers Mutual exclusively writes workers compensation insurance—a focus that’s helped make us the leading provider in Missouri.

Simply stated, taking care of Missouri employers is what we do best. We do everything we can to help you understand your coverage needs and get the right policy, education and support to protect your business and employees. Read through the items below to gain a better understanding of workers compensation insurance and how we can help. Be sure to also read through our Frequently Asked Questions for details on workers compensation calculations, benefits and more.

Missouri Coverage Requirements:

  • Businesses with five or more full- or part-time employees are required by law to carry workers compensation insurance.
  • Contracting businesses with one full- or part-time employee are required to carry workers compensation insurance.
  • Sole proprietors and partners are excluded under the workers compensation statute unless they choose to be included.
  • LLC members and corporate officers are considered employees in Missouri and are included in workers compensation coverage. LLC members have the option to exclude themselves from coverage in Missouri, but to do so, each LLC member must complete one of the LLC Rejection of Coverage forms, depending on whether the LLC Operating Agreement is an oral or written agreement.
  • A general contractor is liable for any injuries to uninsured subcontractors or their uninsured employees and can require that subcontractors carry workers compensation insurance. 

Non-Missouri Exposures:
Many Missouri businesses have work comp exposure in other states. Whether you have a few employees with limited exposure in other states, or locations with many employees outside the state, we can help.

Together, MEM and Previsor Insurance provide workers compensation coverage for businesses with exposure in Missouri and Kansas. A wholly owned and independently managed investment of MEM, Previsor Insurance provides the policy and contracts with MEM to deliver the services that 14,000 Missouri businesses rate top notch.

Coverage for exposures in all other non-monopolistic states is offered through a fronting partnership with A-rated Argonaut Insurance Company.

Controlling Premiums:
The best way to reduce your workers compensation premium is with a long-term commitment to workplace safety.

Workers compensation premiums are calculated based on a number of factors including your occupational risk level (classification code), gross wage calculations (remuneration), and experience modification factor (e-mod). Your e-mod factor is calculated based on your actual loss experience compared to the expected loss experience for your industry type over the past three years, not including the most recent year.

Check out our helpful tools on Breaking Down Your Work Comp Premium and E-mods and Work Comp Premium.

Certificate of Insurance:

  • Provides a means to verify proof of insurance coverage.
  • Shows the name of the certificate holder, policyholder, insurance company, policy number, type of insurance coverage and policy effective date.
  • Indicates whether the owner is included for coverage on the workers compensation policy. Note: The certificate holder should be sure this section is completed.

Policy Purchase:
To obtain workers compensation coverage, talk to your local insurance agent and request Missouri Employers Mutual as your carrier. To find an agent near you, use our agent finder.

Injury Reporting:
All work-related injuries, regardless of severity, need to be reported to your workers compensation provider, who is then required to report to them to the state for tracking purposes.

In Missouri, you may choose to pay claims out of pocket if:

  • they are equal to or less than 20 percent of the split point applicable on the effective date of the policy during which the date of injury occurred, and
  • do not have more than three days of lost time.

Please contact MEM Claims Services at or 800.442.0593 if you need assistance calculating the threshold applicable to your specific claim.

For occupational diseases to be covered by a workers compensation policy, the occupational disease must arise out of and have occurred during the course and scope of employment. It is compensable if the work-related exposure is the prevailing factor causing the condition and meets the requirements of an injury.  It is not compensable merely because work was a triggering or precipitating factor.

Job-related injuries should be reported to an insurance provider within five days.
Note: To ensure even more effective claims management, MEM encourages reporting within 24 hours.

There are four ways to submit a claim to MEM:

  • Online
  • Call 1.800.442.0593
  • Fax 1.800.442.0597
  • E-mail
  • they are equal to or less than 20 percent of the split point applicable on the effective date of the policy during which the date of injury occurred, and
  • do not have more than three days of lost time.

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