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It’s no accident Missouri Employers Mutual is the leader in Missouri’s workers compensation market. Our simple philosophy of “Taking Care of Folks” drives us to provide high quality customer service and great value for your premium dollar.

Schatz Underground

Rising Above Workplace Injuries with Post Offer Employment Testing

In 2013, Schatz Underground was experiencing a high number of injuries. The full-service telecommunications company installs telephone, cable and fiber optics, both aerial and underground. Most of Schatz’s incidents were from material handlingmachine operation and digging. Accounting for 85 percent of all losses, these activities require employees with specific physical capabilities and can lead to very severe injuries.

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Hallmark Stone

Handle with Care: 158 Reasons to Prioritize Safety

The average NFL player weighs about 250 pounds. That’s also the ballpark weight of most countertops manufactured by Hallmark Stone, a wholesaler of natural stone countertops, though the largest can weigh over 1,000 pounds. Hallmark’s 158 employees pride themselves on providing customized countertops and delivering them directly to customers’ homes. It’s no surprise, then, that about 70 percent of employees’ on-the-job injuries were from manually lifting the very heavy stone. How did they improve their safe lifting practices?

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Missouri Vegetable Farm success story

Missouri Vegetable Farm Saves with Simple Actions

The Missouri Vegetable Farm, comprised of four entities, is the biggest farm of its kind in Missouri. Located in Farmington, MVF picks and ships produce all year. A family owned company, their goal is to provide customers with the finest quality produce possible. MVF realized that they needed to improve their workplace safety to make that happen and they turned it around in just one year.

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Ken Otke Construction Success Story

Ken Otke Construction

“We feel by using the dividend toward additional safety equipment, we are giving back to our employees by making them our No. 1 priority and protecting them on the job.”
—Carol Otke Griffin, co-owner Ken Otke Construction

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OATS success story


The safety record of Columbia-based OATS, Inc., a statewide not-for-profit public transportation system, recently earned the company more fuel for the operation. MEM, along with OATS’ insurance agency, Naught-Naught Agency, presented the company with a significant dividend check in recognition of its safety success.

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Battenfeld Technologies success story

Battenfeld Technologies

“I really feel like Battenfeld and MEM cared about me as a person. I was grateful to be able to return to work.  I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

-Pat, Injured Battenfeld Employee

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C.B. Management success story

C.B. Management

After three years with MEM, C.B. Management decided to try another insurance carrier for their work comp coverage. They returned to MEM as soon as their annual policy expired, citing positive, professional employees; responsive service; robust resources; and unmatched attention to detail.

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Lake Regional Health System success story

Lake Regional Health System

Before working with MEM, in one year Lake Regional Health System had 569 lost workdays and more than $350,000 in claims. By the next year—with an entire department devoted to workplace safety and a stronger safety commitment—those numbers declined to 104 lost workdays and less than $50,000 in claims.

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Burgers' Smokehouse success story

Burgers' Smokehouse

Burgers’ Smokehouse has decreased their average number of claims by 16 percent since becoming an MEM policyholder, in large part because of the one-on-one safety advice they receive from their Loss Prevention Consultant. “MEM has made us aware of safety issues we have never thought of before,” says Burgers’ owner Phillip Burger.

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